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Welcome to Robs Random Drawings. A brand new website designed to showcase my work, my exhibitions, my musings (in the form of regular blog posts) and my shop - a unique opportunity to bag one of my drawings for you to either hang on your wall or give to friends and/or family as a special gift.

For the most part I fix cars, but from time to time I draw. I hope you like this website and if you want to chat about my work ahead of purchasing a copy , do get in touch.

Feedback always welcomed …

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Where you find my inner most secrets and thoughts

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Where you find the my latest drawings in the form of interactive gallery

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Where you can purchase a framed canvas. Sizes start at 12x12" and go all the way up to 24x36"

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Where I post regular updates, idea's, exhibition news and things going on in my head.

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Photographs taken by my agent and friend Abigail Greetham

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Who Is Robert Temple ?

Rob Temple, 39, is a mechanic at Cropton Garage and when he’s not fixing cars he can now be found producing all kinds of drawings .

Rob started drawing in October 2021 after borrowing some crayons from a friend’s 10-year-old daughter, Jessica Greetham. He has now produced 90 drawings – which he creates using crayons, praising their ability to let him ‘scribble. The drawings, which the artist has named ‘Rob’s random drawings,’ are mainly abstract works using bright bold colours. Rob uses crayons to create the artwork as he said they allow him to ‘scribble’ the drawings down.

To find out more about Rob visit his 'About Me' page here

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"I seemed to develop a very strong liking, almost an addiction to my own style of Artwork, even though to this stage of my life I had not had any interest in Art, nor had I had any Lessons, to teach any skills or techniques, I initially wanted to show everyone what I could do in my new hobby"

Robert Temple 11/22 (from the New Inn Exhibition)
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I can ship framed canvases of my work anywhere in the world within 24-48 hours of receiving your order.

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Changing our perception of the world, one drawing at a time ..

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